Disability & Working: Messy Feelings

Warning: This blog post contains personal introspection of mental health, mentions of ableism, internalized ableism, emotional abuse, and suicidal ideation. Oh, also rambling.

Hey folks, I haven’t been super active on here lately & that is because I have been super busy. Like busier than I have in a long time, I have a job again, and many other adult things I've set in motion. Something I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to have for the last year. This development has been...interesting...

For the first time in years I am able to do this, have a job I mean. This is largely due to finally being on anti-depressants that:
1. Don’t give me debilitating headaches/migraines.

2. Have actually greatly lessened the weight of my depression & anxiety.

For those who follow me on twitter for the past year may remember my various tweets talking about the awful pain I was in. And before the migraines and twitter, going to work induced a lot of panic attacks & just downward spiraling of my men…

Thoughts on Jessica Jones Season 2

Hello everyone! So sorry I haven't posted here in so long. Been having a lot of issues with my mental health that are finally becoming manageable enough that I can write again! Onward to my thoughts on Jessica Jones! Gonna refer to it as J.J. from here on! Many spoilers ahead!

When the first season of J.J. premiered, I liked it a lot on my initial first viewing and still have been able to for the most part some several rewatches later. I greatly appreciated it's depiction of abusive relationships and the different lasting effects it can have on victims/survivors. Unfortunately this depiction was very white feminist, by centering overwhelmingly around it's white female characters and often at the expense of it's few characters of color. 

For a better summation and review of the first season I highly recommend watching Marina Watanabe's video on it, before further reading my thoughts on the second season. You should also totally subscribe to her channel, and follow her…

Loss & Grief : Animals

The year 2017 has truly proven to be possibly even worse than it's predecessor 2016, both on a political and personal level for myself. I'll save the gorey details of 2016 in terms of my personal life for a later blog post, when I'm ready to share. Right now, I just want to process some very real grief I'm going through. Maybe it'll serve a similar catharsis for people who've experienced similar loss. 

Four nights eldest of three kitties Daisy passed away rather suddenly...and she was not the only loss of a beloved animal in my life. I'm genuinely feeling rather numb to it at this point. I'm hoping talking about these sweet creatures will help me get out of the shock and kind of denial phase of grief. So I'm going to share pictures and memories of all four of these animals, saving Daisy for last.
The first passing was of a kitty named Kitty-well her original name I'm told was Butterscotch, but it didn't stick- and I had known her sinc…

A Look at the film Penelope (Part 1)

I want to talk about a film that in the past I absolutely loved, but now have more mixed feelings about after rewatching it a couple days ago. Penelope, starring the amazing Christina Ricci, directed by Mark Palansky, and currently holds a 53% on Rotten Tomatoes. 
I remember when this film came out in 2006, and wanting to see it very much due to my adoration of Ricci. But also because it was clearly a modern fairy tale, and I have an affinity for fairy tales. They are my bread and butter! 


Being a modern fairy tale it attempts to have modern sensibilities regarding conventional beauty, notions of love, & coming of age. In some regards I think it succeeds, and it's left wanting. 

But before I get into that, let me fill you in on the story. 

Spoilers ahead! Also, TRIGGER WARNING! References to suicide and abusive parenting ahead!

The film opens fittingly with "Once upon a time..."

Protagonist Penelope Wilhern and her adult self is narrating as…